Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Fall Of United State

The America Fall
It has been said by many, "will America fall to the ground". This is one of the biggest questions that come to my mind. What will it take to demised a country we call, America the Great. Over hundred of century ago man has try to deceive you and they doing a good dam job of it.
Today we live in a society that don't and won't read the bible, the bible holds all the key elements for the salvation of man kind. United States of America was built on Christian principle, what happen to the morals and value we used to hold. What ever happen to the love this country once used to withstand for. Let look back in time, let review and revisit our country history, as well as world history and exam all the dot to make a strong connection were we are heading to.
It is the compelling search for truth, for it is not my quest to perform this work, not of self-understanding, but it is a command, which come from God the father of Abraham. Our Father, which is in heaven, has put this deep enigma on my heart, so deep in the core of my soul, which leads for me to complete what, was once started. My last research of end time prophecies has been destroyed by unwanted energy. As the day go by it is my destiny to complete this work to be share by those who mind is has been demise by our governmental system.
Today we live in a society with technology that control the minds of mankind, not to mention three major religion that divided man from truth.
As man worshiping in a God, which we call money, and to gain control of the world we will see all the signs of the end time. This called has been foretold by great scholars of our time and in biblical time. This is my deepest story of what is soon to come on the hearts of man as we approach near the end times days.
In the great book of revelation, it teaches man, not just Christian, Islamic, and Judaism, but all mankind which God has created, what is to be unfold as we reach the end time ages. I ask many people, “have you read the whole book of revelation and not just read it, but study what God has command us to do”. The book of revelation is full of code and secrets, a mystery of the unknown. Most people answer that they tried to read it, but just wasn’t good reading, other say they cannot understand what it texts is saying.
As you unlock your mind for understanding, search for truth what is real from fiction, and engross yourself for knowledge, for the shield of God grace will protect your soul from damnation. All ye people it time to wake up and seek what is not being told and taught in the new age churches, for it is written by Daniel, Paul, John and Jeremiah. The Bible is full of truth on what to expect in our time. Many will live to see this great transformation take place and many will perished before it transpires in this lifetime.
We will journey into the true knowledge, so you will not suffer from a lack of knowledge.
Most people today do not know what Scripture prophesies. They do not know that Satan is real, nor do they know how he operates or what his intentions are. All this provides the fertile ground for the seeds of deception to sprout and grow—which is what we are seeing today. This was foretold long ago by the prophet Hosea who wrote, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" because they have forgotten God and rejected His instructions—and we will reap serious consequences as a result (Hosea 4:6).
As the end of this present age approaches, you can avoid being deceived if you take the time to study the Bible and learn what it actually says (2 Timothy 2:15). Scripture exhorts us: "Test all things; hold fast what is good" (1 Thessalonians 5:21).
Jesus Christ stated, "If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free"(John 8:31–32). Widespread religious deception is prophesied to occur as the end of the age approaches. If you know what is coming and how it will come, and if you remain alert and look to God’s word for guidance, you will not be deceived!
So my question to all you Christians American will America fall and burn to the ground. My answer is yes. This may sound very bash, but if you take a deep look at this country economy, you can see that it falling very fast. Let look at some points regarding the old Rome.
The history of the Roman Empire is one of piecemeal expansion. The Roman Empire was a commercial enterprise, a conquest corporation. The people who benefited (the owners) were the aristocracy; ultimately most of the common people were irreparably damaged by imperial conquest.
For more on the downfall of the Republic, and the establishment of the Empire, see Mateusz Romanowski's Ancient Rome. The Senators and Equites (knights) created great fortunes on the backs not only of the conquered, but also on the backs of Roman peasants and artisans, as well. Their conquest spoil of treasure and slaves enabled the aristocracy to buy up huge estates, sell crops more cheaply than the peasants--because of slave labor--drive more peasants off the land and buy up even more land--to be worked upon by slaves they or others captured in the continuing wars of conquest. That's really, what the history of the Roman Empire is all about, repeatedly. That's why "bread and circuses" became necessary: to pacify the mob, the surplus people who had been yeomen farmers before the conquests; they weren't happy about living in the cities and having no work. They had come to the cities rather than starve. Artisans fared barely better, since many of the slaves came from regions with higher skills, like Greece. By the fifth century, artisans and farm workers were assigned to their crafts by birth, and were little better than slaves, even if nominally free.
It is my duty to share knowledge to others, but you can conduct your own research and seek truth, and it shell set you free. I wish all you truth seeker a happy and safe New Year. As we enter a New Year I will be staying on top of my bogging this coming new years, so stay tune for some real deep information that will come your way this New Year.
Reginald Caples
Freedom Fighters