Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flashback: Both House and Senate Health Bills Require Microchipping

Flashback: Both House and Senate Health Bills Require MicrochippingOK those who doubt the possibility of chip inplants. First read your bible it talks about everyone recieving a mark in their right hand or forehead in the book of revelations. According to the scriptures you will not be able to buy or sell without it….back then when this was written there was no possible way that could be caried out…But now thats a differrent story…we have the technology to make this happen. SECOND go to the web site “verichip.com” or look up “digital angel” go to their web sites and see for yourself. LOOK AT THE PICTURE ON THEIR WEBSITE AND YOU’LL SEE A PICTURE OF A BABY,AN OLD PERSON,AND A JET FIGHTER!! These are what they propose tracking. THIRDLY dont you realise all’s it would take to implement these chips for use would be a big event…maybe bigger than 9/11..to create the situation,maybe the threat of terrorisim,maybe a natural event(earthquakes volcanos ect..) what ever the reason it will happen!Call me a bible thumper I dont care. I have studied the bible for most of my life and I have never found error,not to mention most of the last day prophcies have already come true. Really if you think about it it’s the only solution for alot of the problems we face..that don’t make it right,but it does make it inevitable!!! When I say “it” I mean the chip implants.