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President Barack The Long Legged Mack Daddy Is A Muslim

For those who never got a chance to view the long legged mack daddy interview on CNN, where he admitted he is a muslim here is your chance to hear and see for yourself from the so call president mouth.


What You Should Really Now About The 2010 Census

They're doing this census so that they can gather personal questions about everyone, who they know, and where they are. They're using these census so that they can round everyone up into these FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS!!! Wake the fuck up America!! They are now at our doorsteps and people are still not aware of what's going on. Remember those 120,000 Japanese who got rounded up during Pearl Harbor??!!!!

Many people seem to miss the fact that there is a longer, more invasive form. Comments like "I just filled out my form and it didn't have any of the questions you mentioned" are generally withheld from posting.

It is not necessary to enter your comment more than once. Comments will only appear after approval due to keep the page civil, intelligent and relevant.

If you want the straight scoop, a great online resource of all kinds information about the Census is at:

Many people have requested the list below:

QUESTIONS THAT THE CENSUS BUREAU REFUSED OR FAILED TO ANSWER (from Jerry Day's Matrix News Network segment: "The Census Is Getting Personal"):

1) The Constitution authorizes government to count people but it does not authorize the taking of private information or even the names of individuals. From where does the Census Bureau derive authority to demand our private information?

2) Is there any limit to the amount and type of private information that the Census bureau may demand and collect?

3) Under what Constitutional authority does the Census Bureau collect information now from 250,000 people per month of every year?

4) The 4th Amendment to the Constitution prohibits government search and seizure of private information without a court warrant based on probable cause, Current Census policies violate that Amendment do they not?

5) By what Constitutional authority does the Census Bureau threaten penalties for failure to provide personal information?

6) The Census Bureau claims it maintains privacy of personal information, Are there any circumstances under which law enforcement or spy agencies can access Census information?

7) Since presumably Census data may be subpoenaed by law enforcement, may individuals refuse to answer questions according to the fifth Amendment?

8) Why has the Census Bureau decided to collect GPS coordinates for every home?

9) Virtually every government database has been either lost, hacked or compromised, would the Census Bureau's claim of data security not be an outright lie or at best highly improbable?

10) How would the Census Bureau locate, protect and compensate those individuals whose data becomes compromised?

There is a great deal of confusion about the Census "short form" and "Long Form" because the Census Bureau has failed to equally publicize the two current approaches. Part of the video refers to the long form called the "American Community Survey" which has 12 pages of questions, many of which are much more probing than the short form. A PDF file of the the long form can be viewed at this link:

Find out about Matrix News Network weekly TV show at:

Many people who post messages in opposition to this video (meaning opposed to the Constitution) seem to think that government is some benevolent angelic nanny that only wants the best for you and I. Even in public schools you can learn differently. If you have any doubt as to the evil and corruption within government I recommend this video excerpt from Bill Moyers' 1987 PBS Documentary "The Secret Government" at:

Did Census Workers respect your wishes and requests for privacy or not? Post your review in the comments here. Let us know the city or region of the census activity you saw. This page has no affiliation with the Census Bureau or any government agency.

Please have regard for the safety and rights of Census Workers.

Dollar to be Replaced with IMF’s SDR as Reserve Currency?

Zero Hedge
May 28, 2010
The new reserve currency?
Jim O’Neill, who did not make any friends within the bear community earlier today, has written an interesting paper on the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights, and whether this hypernational currency can ever become a reserve currency as is, and/or with the CNY as a constituent member. While O’Neill as usual focuses on the angle of the “next paradigm” BRICs, and how they will increasingly dominate global economics, he does pose an important question: with the dollar likely to suffer the side effects of either hyperdeflation, hyperinflation, or hyperstagflation, will the next reserve currency be a diluted melange of other flawed fiat constructs (i.e., the SDR), or the currency of the one country, which for all its flaws, still has the cleanest balance sheet backing its own fiat construct. On the other hand, the question of whether this analysis is moot to begin with, and the world will revert to the gold standard as the ongoing crisis of confidence in all paper money flares up, is not raised even once… We wonder (not really) what Jim O’Neill would have to say on that particular issue.
Here are the main bullets:
— The issue of the ‘international reserve currency’ and the possible role of the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR) has moved from obscurity to the centre of discussions about the future.
— Given China’s importance in terms of its share of world trade, the CNY should now be part of the SDR. The case for including it can only become more obvious as this decade progresses.
— However, actually including the CNY as a constituent of the SDR is likely to remain a challenge without the CNY becoming more widely used internationally, including as a reserve asset.
— The case for including other BRIC currencies in the SDR, especially the RUB, is also likely to become stronger over the coming decade.
— Although the Dollar will probably not be as dominant in 2020 as it is today, it is far from clear that it needs to be replaced by the SDR—or by anything else—as the main reserve currency.
— For the SDR to be attractive to private users, it will need to include the CNY and possibly other BRIC currencies. However, this alone would not guarantee that the SDR would be more attractive to private investors.
The paper is a critical follow up to anyone who found Albert Edward’s earlier analysis of collapsing global FX reserves relevant.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

TerrorStorm Full length version

An Alex Jones film that covers in detail the proven history of government sponsored terrorism, and focuses on the 7/7 London bombings and 9/11.

“Black Grandma To White Grandma Of Obama”

Isn’t it ironic how the white grandma died shortly before he was elected President? Isn’t also a fact, that his black Grandma stated she was there, in Kenya, when he was born. Your right, Pastor Manning, we have a nation of I don’t care idiots! Plugged into their Tv’s, Computer’s, Ipod’s, X-boxes, and Cell Phones. Well, America, you wanted God out of everything, so look what you got for mocking God! They can have their Godless Ameriturd! Like you, Pastor Manning, God comes first in my life, as well. They may kill our bodies, but our souls belong to Father/God, Son/Jesus. and the Holy Spirit! God Bless you!!!

We are in deep trouble. Everyday we get deeper. I do not believe that Obama should be able to seal all his records. I agree with Dr. Manning. Who seals everything unless there is something to be hidden. And I would love to know why Michelle was disbarred. But with all the new laws restricting our freedom of speech and now new hate laws…..and the restriction of these videos, there will continue to be less and less that we can do about changing anything.
I think we ate almost to the point that there is noway ti undo anything that has been done. Good question….why did people vote for him. I am waiting for the horns to emerge. Someone with more power than the average citizen needs to take the bull by the horns and do something before America falls.
The only thing I disagree with is Dr. Manning saying Glenn Beck was calling Obama’s Grandmother a liar. He was saying very facetiously. Jesting at Americans to think ” why would his Grandmother lie”. Beck to agrees that the records being sealed is suspicious. I am sure he can only push so hard, and he may have already been threatened with consequences if he tries to pursue it anymore than he has. He tries to be a wake up call to us. But you can not take what he says strictly out of context.
I am afraid to see what is yet to come in the near future and to come later, he has enough time to change America, and the ability to do it quickly. We all need to pray for help, and that it comes soon.

Here a look at Obama, the long legged mack daddy family and grandmother, the white and black grand momma also his father, step father,  grand father and mother. 

The so call United State President Obama the long legged mack daddy has gotten everybody paid off to keep them quite. Everyone in Kenya knows Obama was born in Kenya, when Obama daddy and his pregnant mother went to Kenya to visit and that where she had him. Right after that strange birth his father divorce the young little witch. End of Story. 

Ya Mi Black Brother We All Know You Are A Fraud To This Country. 

Your Day Will Be Coming Mr. President Man, The Whole World Will Wake Up To Your Lies.

Obama’s passport file was broken into.

Lt. Quarles Harris an officer at the US passport agency was shot dead after Barack Hussein Obama’s passport file was broken into. Recorded on 16 October 2009

The proper court for this case is the first district court of Washington, D.C. where it needs to be filed under pro warranto.
The Supreme Court does not have proper jurisdiction for this specific case due to separation of powers considerations. See the DOJ for confirmation of this fact.
Clearly because Obama has dual/multiple citizenship – British, Kenyan, Indonesian, etc.? – he is not and can not be a natural born citizen of the USA. Remember, he stipulated on his own web site that he was born under British jurisdiction through his father who was a British/Kenyan subject. Obama is a Harvard trained constitutional scholar. He knows he’s not qualified. He just doesn’t think anyone has the guts to do anything about it. How’s it feel to be played for a fool? I don’t like it one bit.
Any level of scholarly research will yield the definition of “Natural Born Citizen” clearly understood by the founding fathers to be one who is born in the country to a citizen mother AND a citizen father – both parents must be citizens. The founders considered themselves to be “Naturalized”, thus the “Grandfather” clause that allowed them to serve as Senators, Representatives, and POTUS. They chose to limit POTUS to “Natural Born Citizens” for national security reasons. The idea that POTUS might have any divided loyalties was anathema to their sacrifice and efforts to establish this nation.
Obama may or may not have been born in Hawaii. He sure is taking extraordinary measures to keep anyone from confirming this. PUHLEASE don’t even bring up the unsubstantiated internet document. That type of document wouldn’t even get you in Little League in Hawaii. It’s just as worthless as all of the other birth certificates that are popping up. Has he been born in your town, yet?
But, place of birth is really a red herring. Obama could have been born in the oval office or on the steps of the Washington Monument, but since his father was not a citizen he can never be “natural born”. Natural born status is as it states “Natural”. It’s what one gets from nature. It’s not a law or a statute. It’s not an award or achievement.
If you consider yourself a patriot check this out. Seek the truth and you will find it. I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching this topic going back to original sources, court decisions, statutes, law journal reviews, discussions with reputable constitutional scholars and lawyers, etc. It’s been lots of fun (not) but it really all comes down the simple definition given above and the simple stipulation by Mr. Obama that indicated he is not Constitutionally qualified for POTUS. By the way, McCain doesn’t meet the test either. At least his case was a bit more complicated. See what you can find out. This whole mess is bound to make a great movie some day. Perhaps you’ll write it.
I have encountered zealots ranging across the political spectrum and lots of misinformation – some very carefully crafted to deflect and discourage discovery. Ridicule is the most often used technique. You can find several more techniques if you google Salul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Alinsky was one of Ayers and Obama’s mentors. Be prepared to encounter many more techniques especially as you get closer to the truth. Fortunately, once you realize someone is just using a “technique” it has little affect.
I would rather have spent my time playing my fiddle – hence my handle. But, this issue is critical to our nation and the preservation of our constitution. Our elected officials have sold us out. They were all informed prior to the election and chose to ignore their oaths of office and our constitution for their own political gain. They think we’re either too stupid or too lazy or too easily bought off with our own money to bother with their treason. Perhaps they’re right.
Our courts have not yet heard a case on the merits. Hopefully, they are just guiding the action to the proper venue – D.C. We’ll soon see.
Our news media are competing with each other to become the American Pravda. Fools never learn that useful idiots are expendable.
Perhaps our military will get involved as in Honduras if the courts fail. The commissioned officers all took an oath to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. If not it will be left to the militias. Or, we could just sit back and enjoy the memories of what used to be a free nation as our masters feed us scraps from their tables. Dramatic, yes. True, sadly. Apathy is one of the fastest ways to slavery.
The only security we have is our willingness to protect and defend our constitution. Learn what is says. Do you have a copy? While you’re at it, take another look at the Declaration of Independence – the whole declaration – not just the part we memorized in school. You may be surprised that a lot of reasons for declaring independence from England apply to our current relationship with our own federal government. Then the hard part – we have to “Man-up.” Fortunately, if we dedicate ourselves to our constitution and to each other, we can regain our freedoms without the necessity of violence.

Monday, May 10, 2010

America Its Time to Wake Up

(Stop Living In Total Ignorance)
Reginald Caples

America, people of America, it is now time to wake up from your deep sleep of total ignorance and deceit. Wake up to the all-seeing eyes of the secret society, which has been  controlling mankind over the last 4000 years. Once you are awoken to what been hidden from you, you to will have the all-seeing power to the Illuminati symbols and languages.

What I am about to wake you up to will be an eye opener to the lies and deceitfulness of our politicians and world leaders. For many years people from all over the globe has been trying to wake up the people who has been living in total denial of truth. America we live in world that is made up of secret social corruptions of government world leaders. This organization has now been exposed to people from all lifestyles, but has not been convincing of the truth. The exposure of the Illuminati has been taught by many scholars who have been investigating this organization for years.

Some may ask what are the Illuminati, who are these people and who behind this enigma to demise our nation. The video that been produced by Alex Jones and Prison Planet is a video that every American should view. This documented film will be a eye opener for ever American, who lives in the United States of America.

After you view this film, please pass this film to your family and friends.

Thank You For Your Support.

Freedom Fighter 619



Before we get started, I would like to shade some light on to you regarding past time news regarding our so call President Barack Hussien Obama, (AKA) the Long Legged Mack Daddy.

On November 5th, the night after the election of Obama Presidency, the Illinois State lottery wining numbers for pick 3 were 666 and also the pick four numbers game its winning numbers were 7779. Now lets look into these numbers and it scienificate meaning that lies behind these winning numbers.

The number 666, represent the antichrist, the number 777 means completion and last least the number 9 regard to judgment. This would be a rare event, which has never taken place in our lottery history. So what do we really see here happen is Obama the puppet that will urcher the Antichrist, just something to think about.

The month of November was a busy month for our nation, on November 11 2008, the secret service gave Obama a code name, Obama code name is now, (“RENEGADE”).
What is the true word meaning of renegade? Let us conduct this very simple investigation on the word renegade.

1. REN-E-GADE, Medieval Latin ROOT word. RENEGATUS come from Latin which come from a past participle of Rene gave to deny from Latin.

Another look at the word (RENEGADE)

2. An individual who rejects lawful or conventional behavior.
The word (Negate) date back to 1583 and it is a transitive verb. The etymology: Latin negates, past participle of (ne-gave), to say no, or to deny from (neg-no), not (akin to neg-not)

These terms date all the way bake to 1623 to deny the existence of truth to cause to be ineffective or invalid.

So getting back to the President Barack Hussien Obama, he is a renegade, he said it after his code name was giving to him by the CIA/ Secret Service. Many Americans has no ideal what we dealing with here and many has not really pay to much attention the new name Barack Hussien Obama (AKA) Renegade his new code name. When we speak of meaning and terms of name they have great value on it significant meaning.

Let look back at the origin of our President name and it meaning and what lies behind a true Arabic name and it meaning on a biblical context.


Barack Hussien Obama has GENATIVE VALUE OF 501, which has a strong meaning which many has not realized it true meaning, but America we will give you the explanation and the connection to this biblical name.

1. Barack in Arabic mean “BLESSED”

2. Hussien in Arabic mean “HANDSOME”

3. Obama is a Africa word, meaning “LENING”

When we applied GEMATRIC value to these English words, we will get an enigma of a result.

1. The word Blessed in its geometrical value of numbers

2+30+5+100+100+5+4= 246

2. The word Handsome in its geometrical value of numbers

8+1+50+4+100+60+40+5= 268

3. The word Leaning in its geometrical value of numbers


Before we total these numbers, let me remind you that numbers has a strong power of  it geometrical terms, the global elite like to worship number and play the numerology game. When we see the final result of these numbers you will be surprise who we have as a president.

246+268+152= 666

America its really time to wake up and start paying more attention to what we have as a president of the United State America.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Worlds Greatest Conspiracy Theories

EconomyMeltdown  March 22, 2010 — more details at http://ufo-planetx.blogspot...

Obama Health Care Bill

Obama’s Plan to force us to pay for illegal aliens to have healthcare. 


And I thought Obama was done inflicting indignities to the American people! Please pass this to as many Americans as you can.

I KNEW this was going to happen. (That way Obama wasn't lying when he said illegals would not be able to get medical coverage under his ObamaCare plan. His simple fix is to make them all legal first.)

Pass this on after you watch it. NOTICE THAT THIS IS FROM CNN, NOT FOX!!!
This from CNN news:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

C.I.A. Columbia Obama TresonTrial

America! March Into Harlem, New York: We Must Save America & Our Constitution. Obama was a C.I.A. operative while at Columbia University Trial will be held at Harlem Church.

ATLAH World Missionary Church (Trial Courtroom)
Telephone number: (877) 777-0734
Rev. James David Manning, PhD

The NEXT 9/11 False Flag Terror Attack! POPE in ROME!

 New World Order False Flag Terror Attack on the Pope in Rome!

With pressure mounting to bring the 9/11 criminals to justice the Administration and the Global Power Elite have no choice left but to push for War III in the form of a Global Holy War. 

The 'stars' are literally 'lining up' for global genocide and all the proof you need is right here! 

Building on their evangelical fundamentalist Christian (and occult) base, those at the top of the pyramid now plan to use an assassination of the Pope to unite the West into a Religious War for Empire and the establishment of the Global Market State (fascism). 

This NEW WAR will be based on manmade and institutional false prophecies like those of the 'Fatima Secrets' and the '112th Pope of Saint Malachy' that will give the war the appearance of legitimacy from God. 

The Bilderburg Group, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Jesuits, NWO, NAU, EU, Elite Round Table Groups and other 'Power Brokers' are counting on the gullibility of the public and lack of biblical knowledge, in order to declare 'Martial Law' and start the shreading of the Constitution and round up of dissenters. Beware!!

When False Flags Don't Fly

Those who have studied history know that nothing invigorates and empowers an authoritarian regime more than a spectacular act of violence, some sudden and senseless loss of life that allows the autocrat to stand on the smoking rubble and identify himself as the hero. It is at moments like this that the public—still in shock from the horror of the tragedy that has just unfolded before them—can be led into the most ruthless despotism: despotism that now bears the mantle of "security."

James Corbett
The Corbett Report

19 April, 2010

Acts of terror and violence never benefit the average man or woman. They only ever benefit those in positions of power.

This is why Nero fiddled while Rome burned: it gave him a chance to throw the Christians to the lions and rebuild the capital of the Roman Empire in his own image.

This is why Hearst and the warmongers of the emerging American Empire were delighted by the destruction of the U.S.S. Maine in Havana Harbor: it gave them the excuse they needed in order to rouse the public into supporting the Spanish-American War.

This is why Israel attacked the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967 during the Six Day War, strafing and torpedoing it relentlessly for hours in a vain attempt to send it to the bottom: the Israelis believed that the loss of the Liberty could be blamed on Egypt and draw the Americans into war.

This is why there are hundreds of documented examples of governments staging attacks in order to blame them on their political enemies. In every civilization, in every culture, in every historical period, authoritarians have known that spectacular acts of violence help to further consolidate their own power and control. And sadly, throughout history there have been all too many willing to allow attacks to occur, to pretend that attacks have occurred or even to attack their own population in order to further their political agenda.

To think that such staged provocations and false flag attacks no longer occur would be as unrealistic as believing that human nature itself has changed, that powerful people no longer seek to increase their power, that influence is never used for deceit or manipulation, that lies are no longer told to satisfy greed or slake the thirst for control. It is to believe that our society is immuned from those things that we have seen in every other society in every other era. In short, it is a dangerous delusion.

The people are once again learning the power of this delusion. They are learning the extent to which they have been lied to. They are once again studying their history.
The Russians are learning how the FSB was caught planting bombs in Moscow in the 1990s during a terror scare that swept Putin into power and stirred the public into supporting the Second Chechen War. They are learning how their autocratic ex-President came to power campaigning on the graves of those his old FSB cronies had killed.

The Israelis are learning how Mossad has been caught time and again posing as the very Muslim terrorists they claim to be opposing. They are learning how Israel uses the specter of terror to further extend their blank cheque drawn on American funds to expand their police state at home and maintain their hardline stance, the world's sixth-largest nuclear superpower supposedly threatened by the possibility that one of their neighbours may one day obtain a single nuclear weapon.

The British are learning how their SAS officers were caught dressing up as Arabs in Iraq, driving around with trucks full of munitions, shooting at police to stir up ethnic tensions and insure that permanent bases could be built in the region. They are learning how Haroon Aswat, the supposed mastermind behind the 7/7 bombings, was working for British Intelligence.. They are learning how British military intelligence took part in IRA bombings.

The Indians are learning how the Mumbai attack was helped by an U.S. Agentwho is cooperating with investigators so that he won't face questioning by foreign authorities. The Canadians are learning how their own provincial police dressed up as protestors in 2007 and threatened violence against other police in order to force a crackdown on peaceful protests.

And the Americans are learning that there were multiple bombs found, dismantled and taken out of the Alfred P. Murrah building on April 19, 1995. They are learning that Timothy McVeigh had written a letter to his sister in which he claimed to be in the Special Forces for the U.S. Army. They are learning the bombing was being directed by FBI informants, just as the 1993 World Trade Center bombing was. They are learning about 9/11 and the Gulf of Tonkin andOperation Northwoods and their own Army Counterinsurgency Manuals that teach officers how to commit false flag attacks to blame on their enemies.

In short, the people are learning the truth.

And now we see the same build-up to a false flag event taking place that we saw in 1995. At that time the U.S. had a corporate media desperate to fling mud at anyone concerned by the actions of their government, and it had a government that was desperately unpopular in the face of growing dissatisfaction. Today we see the exact same factors at play.

If anything, the situation today is worse than it was in the run-up to the Oklahoma City Bombing, with media consolidation meaning that groups of concerned citizens like the Oath Keepers are being attacked by the controlled minions on both the left and the right. And now it is not just the militia that is being demonized by the establishment: it is veterans and gun owners, third party supporters and libertarians, anti-war protestors and human rights campaigners, people who are upset with the government giving trillions to the banks that have engineered our current financial crisis in the first place. In short, everyone is now a potential terrorist, according to the governmental and media agencies that deign to limit our range of acceptable opinion and control dissent.

Even the word 'terrorist' means something more than it did back in 1995, after the false flag anthrax attack allowed the passage of the Patriot Act, after the boogey of Al-CIAda gave the NSA the opportunity to announce that they were collecting everyone's emails and everyone's telephone calls, after the former Homeland Security Secretary came out and admitted that the Bush administration had made up terror threats in order to scare the people into supporting the government, now we know what the real definition of terrorism is. It is governments scaring their own populations into line.

But there is something else that's different now from what it was in 1995. The people are learning something else about terrorism: they are not terrorists for speaking out against their government. They are not terrorists for wanting the government to stop selling their children into servitude to pay bankers their bonuses. They are not terrorists for pointing out that the FBI and the CIA and Mossad and MI6 are behind every major terrorist event.

The people are not terrorists because they do not want to see more death. They do not want more destruction, the spilling of the blood of their fellow citizens is not in their interests. Death and destruction only ever serves the governmental and financial and industrial interests who always grow in power and wealth in the wake of every tragedy. Time and again, the people pay with their lives, and the governments and the banks and the war machine only grows and prospers. The people do not want terrorism because it does not benefit them. It only benefits the existing power structure.

And this time, if there is another staged event to blame on the government's enemy of the day, the people will know who to blame.

 By: James Corbett
The Corbett Report

19 April, 2010