Thursday, March 18, 2010

Like Caligula, Like Obama

Caligula was emperor of Rome from 37-41 A.D., and in four short years established a reputation of behavior beyond strange, which has endured for 20 centuries.

With most of his public records and information systematically washed from the internet, what do we really know about Obama?

Denver Airpost Alien Illuminati Conspricay part 2

Part Two of Denver Airport Video.

Denver Airport Alien Illuminati Conspricay part 1

You would not believe it unless you saw it.

This is important people realize what is going on. There is a war going on and we are clueless. There are good and bad in all races, but the malevolent ones are now going from covert to overt mode. "We are on the tail end of an invasion" reported by various CIA and NSA agents now dead. "There is a secret so big men would kill to keep it" JFK spoke in private to Marilyn Monroe right before both were murdered. William Cooper said that the Grey's are calling it "The final stages" or "Acceleration mode"

You be the judge, but I can tell you that we are not alone, and if there is any doubt about that, then your in the wrong place.