Thursday, September 2, 2010



As Usual, MSM Gushingly “Predicts” Our Fascist Future

Careful all . Recognizing the mark should be an ever evolving study . In the sixties everyone thought it would be a tattoo of 666 on the forehead , made sense then . Later with the invention of the bar code most thought it would be a laser tattooed bar code . Now we have the veri-chip . Very likely the mechanical identifier of the beast system .And of course , no one should take it . But , it could be removed and I believe the actual mark will be done of your own free will and once taken is permanent .
New technologies are developing at a quantum pace right now . A physicist I read ( sorry forgot his name , getting older ) who is now living in China said the artificial brain is within 2 years . The new technology is called Femtotech . It is akin to nanotech except the building particles will be on the atomic or subatomic scale . Along with synthetic biology and gene sequencing the MARK may be the choice to be transhuman or a cyborg type non-human . This isn’t as far away as you think . Remember DARPA has claimed to have developed a synthetic blood . All of these combined would make a creature devoid of God’s creation . The Bible even speaks of the IMAGES of the beast that speak . All I am saying is , be aware , and always vigilant .

California Cops Taser Senior Citizen in His Own Home

When will it stop, when will the system wake up and see that their is a major problem with the coruption in law enforcer. Every police man who innocent  abruse their power on innocent law abiding citizen should be fire on the spot. He lucky he was not at my house I would have blast his ass. Check out this video and see this nazi coon abruse this old man. It doesn't get better it just gets worse.