Thursday, September 2, 2010

As Usual, MSM Gushingly “Predicts” Our Fascist Future

Careful all . Recognizing the mark should be an ever evolving study . In the sixties everyone thought it would be a tattoo of 666 on the forehead , made sense then . Later with the invention of the bar code most thought it would be a laser tattooed bar code . Now we have the veri-chip . Very likely the mechanical identifier of the beast system .And of course , no one should take it . But , it could be removed and I believe the actual mark will be done of your own free will and once taken is permanent .
New technologies are developing at a quantum pace right now . A physicist I read ( sorry forgot his name , getting older ) who is now living in China said the artificial brain is within 2 years . The new technology is called Femtotech . It is akin to nanotech except the building particles will be on the atomic or subatomic scale . Along with synthetic biology and gene sequencing the MARK may be the choice to be transhuman or a cyborg type non-human . This isn’t as far away as you think . Remember DARPA has claimed to have developed a synthetic blood . All of these combined would make a creature devoid of God’s creation . The Bible even speaks of the IMAGES of the beast that speak . All I am saying is , be aware , and always vigilant .

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