Saturday, May 8, 2010

The NEXT 9/11 False Flag Terror Attack! POPE in ROME!

 New World Order False Flag Terror Attack on the Pope in Rome!

With pressure mounting to bring the 9/11 criminals to justice the Administration and the Global Power Elite have no choice left but to push for War III in the form of a Global Holy War. 

The 'stars' are literally 'lining up' for global genocide and all the proof you need is right here! 

Building on their evangelical fundamentalist Christian (and occult) base, those at the top of the pyramid now plan to use an assassination of the Pope to unite the West into a Religious War for Empire and the establishment of the Global Market State (fascism). 

This NEW WAR will be based on manmade and institutional false prophecies like those of the 'Fatima Secrets' and the '112th Pope of Saint Malachy' that will give the war the appearance of legitimacy from God. 

The Bilderburg Group, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Jesuits, NWO, NAU, EU, Elite Round Table Groups and other 'Power Brokers' are counting on the gullibility of the public and lack of biblical knowledge, in order to declare 'Martial Law' and start the shreading of the Constitution and round up of dissenters. Beware!!

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