Wednesday, May 19, 2010

“Black Grandma To White Grandma Of Obama”

Isn’t it ironic how the white grandma died shortly before he was elected President? Isn’t also a fact, that his black Grandma stated she was there, in Kenya, when he was born. Your right, Pastor Manning, we have a nation of I don’t care idiots! Plugged into their Tv’s, Computer’s, Ipod’s, X-boxes, and Cell Phones. Well, America, you wanted God out of everything, so look what you got for mocking God! They can have their Godless Ameriturd! Like you, Pastor Manning, God comes first in my life, as well. They may kill our bodies, but our souls belong to Father/God, Son/Jesus. and the Holy Spirit! God Bless you!!!

We are in deep trouble. Everyday we get deeper. I do not believe that Obama should be able to seal all his records. I agree with Dr. Manning. Who seals everything unless there is something to be hidden. And I would love to know why Michelle was disbarred. But with all the new laws restricting our freedom of speech and now new hate laws…..and the restriction of these videos, there will continue to be less and less that we can do about changing anything.
I think we ate almost to the point that there is noway ti undo anything that has been done. Good question….why did people vote for him. I am waiting for the horns to emerge. Someone with more power than the average citizen needs to take the bull by the horns and do something before America falls.
The only thing I disagree with is Dr. Manning saying Glenn Beck was calling Obama’s Grandmother a liar. He was saying very facetiously. Jesting at Americans to think ” why would his Grandmother lie”. Beck to agrees that the records being sealed is suspicious. I am sure he can only push so hard, and he may have already been threatened with consequences if he tries to pursue it anymore than he has. He tries to be a wake up call to us. But you can not take what he says strictly out of context.
I am afraid to see what is yet to come in the near future and to come later, he has enough time to change America, and the ability to do it quickly. We all need to pray for help, and that it comes soon.

Here a look at Obama, the long legged mack daddy family and grandmother, the white and black grand momma also his father, step father,  grand father and mother. 

The so call United State President Obama the long legged mack daddy has gotten everybody paid off to keep them quite. Everyone in Kenya knows Obama was born in Kenya, when Obama daddy and his pregnant mother went to Kenya to visit and that where she had him. Right after that strange birth his father divorce the young little witch. End of Story. 

Ya Mi Black Brother We All Know You Are A Fraud To This Country. 

Your Day Will Be Coming Mr. President Man, The Whole World Will Wake Up To Your Lies.

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Anonymous said...

It time for America to wake up. But time will all tell when you and your family is being taken to a Fema camp to die, because everything we say you people think it's a lie. This is what happen when Hitler went into power.