Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Obama’s passport file was broken into.

Lt. Quarles Harris an officer at the US passport agency was shot dead after Barack Hussein Obama’s passport file was broken into. Recorded on 16 October 2009

The proper court for this case is the first district court of Washington, D.C. where it needs to be filed under pro warranto.
The Supreme Court does not have proper jurisdiction for this specific case due to separation of powers considerations. See the DOJ for confirmation of this fact.
Clearly because Obama has dual/multiple citizenship – British, Kenyan, Indonesian, etc.? – he is not and can not be a natural born citizen of the USA. Remember, he stipulated on his own web site that he was born under British jurisdiction through his father who was a British/Kenyan subject. Obama is a Harvard trained constitutional scholar. He knows he’s not qualified. He just doesn’t think anyone has the guts to do anything about it. How’s it feel to be played for a fool? I don’t like it one bit.
Any level of scholarly research will yield the definition of “Natural Born Citizen” clearly understood by the founding fathers to be one who is born in the country to a citizen mother AND a citizen father – both parents must be citizens. The founders considered themselves to be “Naturalized”, thus the “Grandfather” clause that allowed them to serve as Senators, Representatives, and POTUS. They chose to limit POTUS to “Natural Born Citizens” for national security reasons. The idea that POTUS might have any divided loyalties was anathema to their sacrifice and efforts to establish this nation.
Obama may or may not have been born in Hawaii. He sure is taking extraordinary measures to keep anyone from confirming this. PUHLEASE don’t even bring up the unsubstantiated internet document. That type of document wouldn’t even get you in Little League in Hawaii. It’s just as worthless as all of the other birth certificates that are popping up. Has he been born in your town, yet?
But, place of birth is really a red herring. Obama could have been born in the oval office or on the steps of the Washington Monument, but since his father was not a citizen he can never be “natural born”. Natural born status is as it states “Natural”. It’s what one gets from nature. It’s not a law or a statute. It’s not an award or achievement.
If you consider yourself a patriot check this out. Seek the truth and you will find it. I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching this topic going back to original sources, court decisions, statutes, law journal reviews, discussions with reputable constitutional scholars and lawyers, etc. It’s been lots of fun (not) but it really all comes down the simple definition given above and the simple stipulation by Mr. Obama that indicated he is not Constitutionally qualified for POTUS. By the way, McCain doesn’t meet the test either. At least his case was a bit more complicated. See what you can find out. This whole mess is bound to make a great movie some day. Perhaps you’ll write it.
I have encountered zealots ranging across the political spectrum and lots of misinformation – some very carefully crafted to deflect and discourage discovery. Ridicule is the most often used technique. You can find several more techniques if you google Salul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Alinsky was one of Ayers and Obama’s mentors. Be prepared to encounter many more techniques especially as you get closer to the truth. Fortunately, once you realize someone is just using a “technique” it has little affect.
I would rather have spent my time playing my fiddle – hence my handle. But, this issue is critical to our nation and the preservation of our constitution. Our elected officials have sold us out. They were all informed prior to the election and chose to ignore their oaths of office and our constitution for their own political gain. They think we’re either too stupid or too lazy or too easily bought off with our own money to bother with their treason. Perhaps they’re right.
Our courts have not yet heard a case on the merits. Hopefully, they are just guiding the action to the proper venue – D.C. We’ll soon see.
Our news media are competing with each other to become the American Pravda. Fools never learn that useful idiots are expendable.
Perhaps our military will get involved as in Honduras if the courts fail. The commissioned officers all took an oath to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. If not it will be left to the militias. Or, we could just sit back and enjoy the memories of what used to be a free nation as our masters feed us scraps from their tables. Dramatic, yes. True, sadly. Apathy is one of the fastest ways to slavery.
The only security we have is our willingness to protect and defend our constitution. Learn what is says. Do you have a copy? While you’re at it, take another look at the Declaration of Independence – the whole declaration – not just the part we memorized in school. You may be surprised that a lot of reasons for declaring independence from England apply to our current relationship with our own federal government. Then the hard part – we have to “Man-up.” Fortunately, if we dedicate ourselves to our constitution and to each other, we can regain our freedoms without the necessity of violence.

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