Monday, May 10, 2010

America Its Time to Wake Up

(Stop Living In Total Ignorance)
Reginald Caples

America, people of America, it is now time to wake up from your deep sleep of total ignorance and deceit. Wake up to the all-seeing eyes of the secret society, which has been  controlling mankind over the last 4000 years. Once you are awoken to what been hidden from you, you to will have the all-seeing power to the Illuminati symbols and languages.

What I am about to wake you up to will be an eye opener to the lies and deceitfulness of our politicians and world leaders. For many years people from all over the globe has been trying to wake up the people who has been living in total denial of truth. America we live in world that is made up of secret social corruptions of government world leaders. This organization has now been exposed to people from all lifestyles, but has not been convincing of the truth. The exposure of the Illuminati has been taught by many scholars who have been investigating this organization for years.

Some may ask what are the Illuminati, who are these people and who behind this enigma to demise our nation. The video that been produced by Alex Jones and Prison Planet is a video that every American should view. This documented film will be a eye opener for ever American, who lives in the United States of America.

After you view this film, please pass this film to your family and friends.

Thank You For Your Support.

Freedom Fighter 619

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