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Before we get started, I would like to shade some light on to you regarding past time news regarding our so call President Barack Hussien Obama, (AKA) the Long Legged Mack Daddy.

On November 5th, the night after the election of Obama Presidency, the Illinois State lottery wining numbers for pick 3 were 666 and also the pick four numbers game its winning numbers were 7779. Now lets look into these numbers and it scienificate meaning that lies behind these winning numbers.

The number 666, represent the antichrist, the number 777 means completion and last least the number 9 regard to judgment. This would be a rare event, which has never taken place in our lottery history. So what do we really see here happen is Obama the puppet that will urcher the Antichrist, just something to think about.

The month of November was a busy month for our nation, on November 11 2008, the secret service gave Obama a code name, Obama code name is now, (“RENEGADE”).
What is the true word meaning of renegade? Let us conduct this very simple investigation on the word renegade.

1. REN-E-GADE, Medieval Latin ROOT word. RENEGATUS come from Latin which come from a past participle of Rene gave to deny from Latin.

Another look at the word (RENEGADE)

2. An individual who rejects lawful or conventional behavior.
The word (Negate) date back to 1583 and it is a transitive verb. The etymology: Latin negates, past participle of (ne-gave), to say no, or to deny from (neg-no), not (akin to neg-not)

These terms date all the way bake to 1623 to deny the existence of truth to cause to be ineffective or invalid.

So getting back to the President Barack Hussien Obama, he is a renegade, he said it after his code name was giving to him by the CIA/ Secret Service. Many Americans has no ideal what we dealing with here and many has not really pay to much attention the new name Barack Hussien Obama (AKA) Renegade his new code name. When we speak of meaning and terms of name they have great value on it significant meaning.

Let look back at the origin of our President name and it meaning and what lies behind a true Arabic name and it meaning on a biblical context.


Barack Hussien Obama has GENATIVE VALUE OF 501, which has a strong meaning which many has not realized it true meaning, but America we will give you the explanation and the connection to this biblical name.

1. Barack in Arabic mean “BLESSED”

2. Hussien in Arabic mean “HANDSOME”

3. Obama is a Africa word, meaning “LENING”

When we applied GEMATRIC value to these English words, we will get an enigma of a result.

1. The word Blessed in its geometrical value of numbers

2+30+5+100+100+5+4= 246

2. The word Handsome in its geometrical value of numbers

8+1+50+4+100+60+40+5= 268

3. The word Leaning in its geometrical value of numbers


Before we total these numbers, let me remind you that numbers has a strong power of  it geometrical terms, the global elite like to worship number and play the numerology game. When we see the final result of these numbers you will be surprise who we have as a president.

246+268+152= 666

America its really time to wake up and start paying more attention to what we have as a president of the United State America.

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