Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bilderberg exposed - Part 1/6

There are "conspiracy theories" and then there are conspiracy facts. The Bilderberg group is quite real and what they do does affect the whole world. Whether they are planning mayhem or not is not the issue, any time you get people with that kind of power, you get trouble for the little people.

Watch the documented film, and learn and be well informed with information that will never be discussed in main stream media, or and college and university for that matter. Watch and learn of the real truth what go on behind close door.

American people feel that we the conspiracy theorist are nuts and we must be from some other planet, or we are on some form of drugs, and we are just plan crazy people. However I challenge each and every non-informed person to prove my claims to be incorrect and research this information for yourself, and get back to me.

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