Sunday, May 2, 2010

Don’t be caught off guard.

"Deadly Martial Law Is Coming Soon...  Martial Law Survival Tips

Dear Fellow American Citizen:

My name is Reggie, and for the last 10 years I have been studying the workings of the New World Order (the upcoming global government), and expose the evil plan that the Globalists have in store for you and me and our families. Therefore I have a burning desire to get the facts and information out to the world.

Nearly everything is in place for the Globalists to stage some kind of major disaster and declare martial law and have total power and control to do whatever they want. If you have been awakened for awhile to the facts and truth, then you already KNOW that it is going to happen soon. Just read these documented FACTS just for starters...

F.E.M.A. Concentration Camps (like what was used to detain the Japanese-American citizens back in the 40's) are already built, and are continuing to be built.
Dozens of US Military bases are designated as ready-to-go concentration camps and citizen detention centers. Several have already been used to detain American citizens during peaceful protests and assemblies. Millions of airtight, bio-hazard proof casket liners have been purchased and stored up by FEMA and the Federal government.

The Globalists are trying their hardest to make the Swine Flu vaccine MANDATORY (they have already succeeded in other countries). The FEMA Camps would be a great place to quarantine those that refuse the deadly vaccine. A one-world currency is being pushed to be put in place. Plans were set by G.W. Bush to eliminate the American, Canadian and Mexican borders and create the North American Union. Our freedoms are being taken away little by little constantly. I could go on for DAYS......!

If you are new to this great awakening that is happening, then understand that the facts and documented evidence is abundant that exposes the evil plan of the New World Order, and the martial law that they are already preparing for.

Martial Law WILL happen. Martial Law survival should be a major concern in you and  your family life. The question now is will you and your loved ones be prepared? Discover exactly how Martial Law will affect you and your family. How soon could Martial Law realistically be declared in America? The secret that is more important than guns, food or money. 

Why you must act now... before it is too late. What the most dangerous time in America will be... and why it will be too late for those who haven’t prepared! What group of Americans will be the first to ‘disappear’ under Martial Law! How you can have an endless supply of electricity, even if the electrical grid is shutdown. The “Five Martial Law Rules to Live By” that every survivor must memorize! Much, much more!

1. Water Water water, Store lots of water.
2. Store Lots of food.
3. Guns, if you have a gun hide it, they will be comming for them.
4. Don't get cuaght up in the street riots it will happen.
5. Get out of America, because once martial law go into effect, the nation will be on lock down, no planes, bus, trains nor boats will be in operational by any citizens.

The government will close all highways, seaports, waterways and railways.

Don’t be caught off guard.

  • Prepare before any declaration of martial law by becoming self reliant. You may become subject to a bureaucratic system and be prepared to stay one step ahead of it which is easy to do if you are prepared and in a position to be self reliant. You may also face mob rule, chaos, panic, or a complete breakdown in law and order. Surival situations may be easier to handle in rural areas than urban.
  • Avoid areas of marital law. Can be imposed due to natural disasters or man caused events. Important to have a retreat or place in a rural area away from populated areas.
  • Create alliances with like minded neighbors or community members that share your views. Team work and numbers may help your situation.
  • Become transparent in the sense that you do not draw attention to yourself or your family. For instance, do not tell people that you are storing food just store food. Be prepared to render assistance to neighbors if need be. You never know when you will need them.
  • Remain calm! Do not panic.
  • Avoid areas of civil unrest if possible. If caught in civil unrest take appropriate action.
  • Get informed and stay informed. Understand martial law can be a temporary crisis or an extended one. In extreme cases the shape of a whole nation can change.
  • Declaration of martial law means your rights are suspended and it is government by decree. Your constitutional rights may no longer apply. This could mean a state of National Emergency.
  • People can be arrested and imprisoned indefinitely without charges.
  • Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly can be suspended, and censorship of the media imposed.
  • Gun ownership will also come under severe attack during marital law. We could see house to house searches by the military or National Guard looking for guns and seizing any they find along with stored food.
  • Take a stand on issues and make a choice that fits your beliefs and the situation. Do you believe as Patrick Henry, "Give me liberty or give me death?" Realize you may have some hard choices to make. Understand you may have to sacrifice your principles on trivial matters or take a hard stand. Always remember that you may have to come back and fight another day.
Here a sample martial law video: 

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