Tuesday, June 22, 2010


  1. Imagine if you will for a moment that such technology is being developed to do much more than determine whether your smile is real or not. In this vein of thought, bear with me and let me take you inside the rabbit hole as to how this technology could be our worst nightmare.
    Mix in all of the other databases and systems of information that make up who we are and it would be such a system and or such a programming effort by those that slapped themselves on the back for a job well done to have in a sense developed the means for the evil NWO to hunt down and identify every one that the NWO states is a threat to their success.
    With such a system of technology the current Communist Democratic Party led by Obama-nation will use such a system of technology to go after all those that threaten their agenda.
    It will take such a technological system to have always tracked in some way all that you are and who you are and all your education, certifications, professional associations, friends, relatives, vacation spots, banking and financial and even medical information to blend with other government programs that will one day go after all those that threaten the NWO in a new and frightening way. It is that new way that needs discussing.
    While I have asked that someone do an article about what is a Communist Purge? and how does that purge work? Who gets selected and why and how are these types finally dealt with that modern history can show? Well, history and new improvements on old systems can and will perform a new 21st century Communist purge that will be into the billions of humans killed.
    From the moment you go against the machine the machine goes against you and with no where to hide and no where to go without such technology being used to even get gas or pay a bill, I can see this facial recognition software being everywhere in order to do business or even private or pleasure.
    It will be everywhere and when that day comes when the NWO moves against mankind, the will use such a system to proficiently process us for termination in some FEMA death camp and subsequent crematory oven.
    This is why we need to know “what is a communist purge? and how does that work?” Begin asking around and I am certain you will find the topic needs to be discussed because it really is on the minds of many and many are not old enough to know what all Communist do when they do their Communist Purge. Just food for thought. Beats all the poodle walking remarks that contribute nothing.

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