Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama Is A FRAUD!!

By David Lansford        

Some people think he is the President of the United States of America.  Others believe he is the great political savior for which the world has been seeking.
Barrack Hussein Obama is neither of the above. Obama is a FRAUD.
For starters, his legal name is not Barrack Hussein Obama. Only a few people know his legal name but it could be Barry Soetoro or Barry Dunham.  His natural father was a Kenyan and his natural mother was a white American atheist.  His father abandoned him and his mother at a very early age. His mother married an Indonesian man named Lolo Soetoro and together they moved to Indonesia. While in Indonesia, Barry attended Muslim school where he learned the Farsi language and Muslim beliefs. 
After the most formative years of Obama’s life, his mother divorced Soetoro and moved back to Hawaii.  For the remainder of Obama’s childhood and teenage years, James Frank Marshall was the most influential man in his life. James Frank Marshall was a Communist and devout hater of the United States of America.
After high school, Obama attended Occidental College in California. Occidental College is well known for attracting foreign students. Many of these foreign students were from countries such as Pakistan, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.  Obama made friends with students who shared a similar background, culture and political philosophy.
While at Occidental College, Obama was recruited by the CIA.  His background, language skills and physical characteristics made him ideal for the objectives of the C.I.A. and its role during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.  The CIA trained and equipped Obama to use whatever means necessary to achieve the desired outcome.  Obama was tasked with providing arms, logistics and money to the Taliban.  The following list includes, but is not limited to, the skills that were taught to Obama.  He learned how to:
The CIA deployed Obama to Pakistan under the cover of a foreign exchange student. His mission was to stop the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Obama was successful as an operative and then returned to civilian life in the United States once his purposes with the CIA were fulfilled. This took place during the time that Obama claims he was attending Columbia University.  He never attended Columbia University.  The leadership of Columbia conspired with the C.I.A. to provide Obama with a cover to explain his whereabouts during the time he was in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Tragically, the CIA had created a monster.  But more than that, the United States Government had exposed itself and its covert activities to someone who had no love or allegiance to the United States of America.  The knowledge possessed by Obama about the USA and its leaders is, to say the least, damning.  Consequently, Obama has been able to use his knowledge of America’s wrong doings along with the skills taught to him by the CIA to extort the political leadership of the United States of America.  Currently, Obama is engaged in a seditious effort to destroy the Constitution of the United States and the free-enterprise system that supports the foundation of our Great Republic.
Now, it clearly makes sense why Obama sealed all of his records by Executive Order immediately after being sworn in as President of the United States.  Not only does he need to cover up his Constitutional ineligibility of not being “natural born”, he also must hide the fact that he is an evil imposter seeking to destroy America.
No circumstances on earth, like Obama’s, can happen by mere chance.  Barrack Hussein Obama, is the carnal manifestation of evil.  His intentions are to steal, kill and destroy. Every act of Obama is a calculated strategy to achieve his desired objective.  He is using whatever means necessary to accomplish his goals.  Unfortunately, Obama is hypnotizing the masses by using Neurolinguistics (NLP) to confuse and deceive his audience.
Are you under the hypnotic influence of Obama?  Why does he use Teleprompters with every speech?  Why does he speak in such a fragmented way with well-crafted body language?  If one considers the possibility that they are being hypnotized then the hypnosis fails.  Please pray that God will open your eyes and give you the strength and wisdom to think, say and do the right things for yourself and those you love.     
In summary, the United States of America is being held hostage by the greatest evil ever known to mankind. If the United States falls, Liberty and Justice will no longer be available to any people on the planet.  A vacuum will form and chaos will ensue. Chaos on a massive scale can only mean one thing.  TYRANNICAL DICTATORSHIP!!!! Lets not forget the comment by Rahm Emmanuel, “Never lose a chance to take advantage of a crisis”.  Do you suppose the crisis the Obama Administration is planning for just hasn’t happened yet or is actually underway at this moment?

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