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Aria TV | London 2012 Olympics Conspiracy [Short Documentary]

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Aria Television presents a short documentary explaining the possible attacks that could take place in the London 2012 Olympics.

The original video was uploaded by the YouTuber "NotIlluminati" but we at Aria Television changed it by adding our own computerized voice so you do not have to read all the text.


Before 9/11 and 7/7 there were clues in card games, comics, film and TV programmes, of the events that would later take place.

Similarly, the BBC has broadcasted a series imagining a nuclear explosion at the London Olympics.

The series includes several clues that suggest that the 'illuminati' are behind the making of the series and that therefore the events that the series imagines, are being planned to take place in the real world.

There are also clues that suggest the 'Illuminati' are plotting an attack on the London Underground.

Both of these plots can be stopped if enough people become aware of this information. The "Illuminati" will then be forced to cancel their plans.

Note: On the 27 July in 1996 Eric Rudolph carried out an bomb attempt on the olympic games in Atlanta. This year (2012) the olympic games start on the 27th July too.

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