Thursday, May 10, 2012

Police Torture Man To Death For Fun!

The Homeless man begs for daddy over and over, but only more suffocating torture and high voltage comes. The police enjoy their work and they do it well. With trained loving care the police hold the prey down and then Taser him over and over again, then crush his wind pipe, thorax, ribs, skull, jaw, and many other bones. It's a tough job, but they love it. Your family is next:)

So here is what the people are saying about these scum ass hole, who all needs to exterminated and do away with these f*** up pigs. Trust me every dogs will have their day. The people will turn on these pigs like a pet bull turn on his master for abuse.

So, I wonder, did the person videoing call the cops? If they did they are responsible for a murder. I have a standing policy of not letting one pig from touching me.FUCK ALL   YOU COPS OUT THERE, COME GET ME MOTHER FUCKERS, I WILL DEFEND MYSELF TO THE DEATH, FUCK YOU

  • I like how they beat the shit out of him to death then when the entire area was swarming with other cop cars and paramedics they stopped their obvious gang banging and tried acting innocent like they're trying to help him. Fucking sons of bitches need the same kind of treatment they gave to this guy.
  • the cops should be put to death.
  • Exactly.
  • This video needs to go viral and get millions of views. Then all of the viewers need to let their voices be heard. These subhuman piles of waste need to take a long drop on a short rope.
  • Their worthless asses Will Come to An End. karma Is a Just beast And God Is Just ....It IS ON... All WHO HAVE HURT And abused all the good People.. Hope You can sleep, Because If I was you' I would have Nightmares at what I have done to the harmless one's.. Your Crime's will haunt you to your dying day's!..Demons will come for soul's as Your's.. You are Not Godly. But Rebuked.. !! Pit of Hell. !
  • Police who took an Oath to Protect . End Up Being Merciless Pussy Bitches.. Who are afraid Of The WInd.. Fucker's
  • @cloudskipa yeah I'm sorry just I have seen police brutality oscer grant etc. but this made me puke
  • Easy to say that now but this is a gang of psychotic murderer's with batons, guns and tasers, if you intervene what do you think they would do to you in their current mind set? especially when this poor man appeared to be doing much less.
    They are NOT sheeple, they are not to blame for this atrocity and we are taught from a very early age to fear the police and not fight them. In light of this video It's probably time that changed though.
  • That's BULLSHIT only one man got charged for the murder. Really you need over four guys with bats and tasers to handcuff a scrawny homeless man? This is sick and all the people involved including the ones that could have stopped this should all be in jail for life. It should take a max of two people to handcuff anyone really, suffocating someone and tasing them isnt going to help. He is obviously trying to comply but unable to follow the commands due to uncontrollably shaking because of tazing

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