Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Larry Sinclair Exposes Murder of Obama's Alleged Gay Lover

Considered Puerto Rico’s most popular TV show, SuperXclusivo came on the air in 1999. La Comay and Hector are gossip mongers whose targets include politicians, sports figures, celebrities and religious figures. It was this venue that Larry Sinclair got his interview with a puppet and its pal, Hector, about Sinclair’s claims that Obama participated in gay sex and illicit drugs in the back of limo and Choice motel with Larry Sinclair in 1999, and Sinclair’s newest allegations, that Sinclair has info for the Chicago cops, that Obama had “another gay lover who was murdered back in December.

Sinclair claims his motive is simple, that he wants Obama to “be honest” , that Obama lied about his prior drug use, that Sinclair believes the public has the right to know about Obama’s “past” after Obama and his campaign refused to acknowledge Sinclair’s demands that Obama “come clean” in the months leading up to Sinclair’s Youtube video at the end of January.

In the La Comay interview Sinclair stated that he had “nothing to hide”. Sinclair said he has been “open and honest”. This has not been the case. Sinclair claims he has “proof” which confirms the drug and gay sex allegations that he and Obama met at a lounge in Chicago in 1999, via “credit card” receipts and a summary from Choice Hotels showing a stay at a motel in Gurnee, Illinois yet Sinclair can’t seem to publish facts about his own past. All info that has come out about Sinclair was printed in the Globe, that Sinclair served time in more than one prison, that Sinclair was not only a drug smuggler but also a coyote, a person who brought illegals across the border, always at a price, and that Sinclair was convicted of fraud. While Sinclair has sued three anonymous posters on the site, Democratic Underground and Senator Obama and David Axelroad, Sinclair has not filed a slander suit against the Globe nor denied their story about his past.

Sinclair claims three commenters had no right to post comments that in their opinion Sinclair is lying about Senator Obama and is suing the posters for $3 million. Sinclair filed another suit against Senator Obama and David Axelrod claiming they had attempted to silence Sinclair, a violation of the First Amendment and Free Speech. Evidently, according to Larry, the three posters at DU do not have the same rights in regards to Free Speech as Larry.

Sinclair sued the three posters for 3 million bucks, a very large amount for damages, even though Sinclair has, through his own website, posted a copy of a motion to dismiss a warrant from the state of Colorado for theft, that Sinclair: suffers from nerve and spine damage, is terminally ill, and whose sole support has been Social Security benefits.

Larry Sinclair told the creepy puppet and his sidekick Hector on SuperXclusivo that he was in “fear for his life” and that he is “terminally ill”. Sinclair also said the Obama campaign was behind the lie detector test administered by Dan Parisi and and that the computer analysis showed he was telling the truth while Parisi’s paid “experts” were the ones who claimed Larry showed deception. To date, Sinclair has yet to take another lie detector test, even though the two original tests remain shrouded in mystery. has refused to release the results and has washed its hands of any and all contact with Larry Sinclair.

Sex, Lies, and Innuendos

Sinclair has now alleged that the murder of Donald Young, the gay choir master of Obama’s church, is related to Senator Obama, that Sinclair spoke several times with Young before he was killed and that Sinclair has info which proves Obama and Young were lovers. Par to course, Sinclair continues to be super-cryptic, refusing to “release” any pertinent info which would back up his claims. Sinclair prefers to dangle accusations, especially those that involve Senator Obama, the newest that Obama is involved in Young’s murder and that, he, Larry has the proof.

From Big Head DC:

While I cannot for obvious reasons, disclose the exact content of the communications between Donald Young and myself, I believe it to be important to provide a general outtake to maybe help you and I understand why I asked “how did Mr. Young obtain my contact information before I ever went public.”

Larry has the soap opera “tone” just right:

So just how did Mr. Young know who I was? How did he know my cell phone number? (Please note that I have never said the exact number of times Mr. Young and I had contact. Nor have I stated the content of our exchanges. That and other information about the matter is reserved for the appropriate channels. I am providing this factual information to counteract the deliberate misinformation that a small army of Internet warriors are spreading on the net in an attempt to distract attention from Obama’s past).

Larry Sinclair
As The Larry World Turns

Why did Larry wait to “reveal” the info that Senator Obama was allegedly gay lovers with the now murdered gay choir master of his church?

We know a partial answer. It’s called being cryptically coy and used by people who have a vested interest in spinning out their “story” to keep themselves in the public eye. Larry got his gig on the Puerto Rican puppet show, La Comay. At the end of January Larry’s claim about Obama was drugs and sex. Larry’s newest allegation about Senator Obama: that Obama was lovers with the murdered gay choir master at Obama’s church and Larry has the proof.

At this juncture, instead of proving his original allegations, of illegal drug use and illicit sex against Senator Obama, Larry Sinclair has chosen to introduce new and improved allegations, of Obama having yet “another gay lover” who was murdered. It’s convenient that Donald Young is dead and cannot disprove Sinclair’s story.

Sinclair’s latest venue, a creepy puppet show in Puerto Rico. What’s next, a talk show in Bangkok with a monkey and a snake? As long as Larry only has to dangle accusations and not provide proof, the Larry Sinclair Show will continue, ad infinitum.


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